Computer Aid International projects

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These are just some of the projects Computer Aid International is engaged in currently:

Computer Aid International- General Statement

IT based solutions can have a massive impact on many of the problems facing resource poor communities in developing countries. Such solutions are unique in facilitating individuals and communities to determine their approaches to improving their own lives, through improved access to information, communications and idea sharing. Committed to being demand-driven and working closely with local organisations on-the-ground, Computer Aid International is experienced in delivering effective solutions that address education, healthcare and community activities in developing countries. Access to information, communications and increased operational efficiency has so far been deployed in the form of 175,000 PC’s in over 100 countries.

Some of our on going projects –

Education: ‘Opportunities for Isolated Communities’
Working with local NGO/Cooperative LinkNet Zambia, education provision for school children and adults is being transformed in rural towns through the establishment of community-owned IT resources that provide teaching materials, skills training and access to information, accessible by all.

Telemedicine: ‘Improving Healthcare in East Africa’
Working with our local partners, the African Medical and Research Foundation (AMREF), we are expanding the deployment of telemedicine kits into isolated rural hospitals in East Africa, allowing rapid patient diagnosis by specialists in larger cities that can mean the difference between life and death.

Solar Containers: ‘Connecting Rural Communities’
Shipping containers used to transport computers are being reused at their destination to set up internet access centres. Equipped with solar panels and low-power PCs, they provide appropriate solutions to some of the specific challenges faced in deploying IT in remote parts of developing countries. They are already on the ground in Zambia and Kenya.

Agriculture: ‘Information Access for Small Farmers’
Following successful projects in Kenya and Uganda, Computer Aid International is now working with the Zambian and UK Meteorological Offices to improve weather monitoring and data distribution. This is giving small scale farmers access to updated and locally relevant weather data, informing their decisions on when to plant and harvest crops.

To help in this work and to support me on my London to Paris Cycle ride please donate now on my JustGiving webpage. JustGiving sends your donation direct to Computer Aid International and the Tax Aid scheme means an extra 22% is added to your donation courtesy of the tax man.

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