About me

I’m cycling from London to Paris to raise money for Computer Aid International who refurbish old computers for worthwhile projects in less fortunate countries:
PLEASE DON’T WAIT – DONATE! Go to my page on the JustGiving website.

stuart mee cycling

Me cycling

I’m 67, but still working away at my most recent entrepreneurial venture, the Drive-Alivewebsite. Drive-Alive is an internet

business so computers are integral to its very existence. We have previously recycled our old computers through the Computer Aid International scheme, so when I found out about the London to Paris cycle ride which raises money for the charity I thought it would be a great way to help, and also an achievable, if difficult, challenge for myself.

I’ve always enjoyed cycling, but lately it’s been leisure riding in fine weather. So to cycle 100 km a day for 3 days from London to Paris is a daunting prospect! But Computer Aid International is a good cause so please help me make the effort worthwhile by donating generously.

The easiest way to donate is to visit my JustGiving page. This allows you to donate online using your credit card, with the added benefit that your donation is enhanced by the tax aid scheme, meaning basic rate tax (22% I think) is added to whatever you give, courtesy of the tax man. JustGiving send the total direct to Computer Aid International.

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